Jesus 8880
The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

Jesus 888 and Helios 318

Jesus and the Sun

The Greek word helios (8+30+10+70+200), meaning the "Sun" has a gematria value of 318 units and is represented as a circle with a diameter of 318 units. Jesus is represented as a circle with a circumference of 888 units. The diagram shows that one Jesus (888) and eight Helios (318) circles fill the raised Jesus (8880) graph. The equation for the above diagram ... 8(318)p + 888 = 8880 ... has an accuracy of 99.99%!

The earliest Christians and Church Fathers had many reasons to compare Jesus with Helios, the Sun. The Church chose December 25th as his birthday, the last day of the pagan holiday of Saturnalia which celebrates the winter solstice, the birth of the sun. His raising from the dead is always observed on the pagan holiday of Easter, the first Sun-Day after the first full moon after the spring equinox, the time of year celebrated as the resurrection of plant life from the dormancy of winter.

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