Jesus 8880
The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

The Sea of Galilee


fishes = 1224

The blue circle inside the hexagon inside the raised Jesus graph represents the Sea of Galilee. The circumference of the Sea is approximately 8880 (.866) = 7,690 units and the diameter of each fish is therefore 7690 / (3.14) (2) = 1224 units, the gematria value of the Greek word Ixthues, which is the plural of “fish.” The two “fish” in the diagram were constructed by drawing four circles (4440) that pass through the vertices of the hexagon and the center of the Jesus (8880) graph.

Jesus Christ was born at the beginning of the age of Pisces, meaning “the fish” and amazingly, the constellation of Pisces in the sky contains two fish, as does the Sea of Galilee pictured above! The Sacred Geometry metaphor of the Sea of Galilee was crucial to solving the geometry puzzles in the gospel stories of how Jesus walked on water, how he fed crowds of four thousand and five thousand, and how he instructed seven disciples to cast their net over the right side of their boat which resulted in a net full of fish, a hundred and fifty three!

The Vesica Pisces Construction

The Vesica Pisces Construction

The Latin term Vesica Pisces, meaning "Vessel of the Fish" is one of the most basic constructions in Sacred Geometry. A Vesica is formed when the circumference of two identical circles each pass through the center of the other. Occasionally a gematria diagram can be drawn two different ways. In this version, the same hexagon as the one above constructs a cross section of the Sea of Galilee. The same four circles (4440), this time drawn from the top of the graph, constructs a Fish with a length of 1224 units, the gematria value of the Greek word Ixthues, meaning "Fishes."

One Last Construction

Jesus Filled with Fish

When the above two diagrams are combined you can see that Jesus (8880) and the Sea of Galilee are just filled with fish!!

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