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The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity

Sacred Geometry in the Words of a Verse

The preceding diagrams showed that the gematria values of all the major characters in the gospel were ideally suited for graphing against the “raised value” of Jesus (8880). The following chapters will show how the gematria values of key phrases, verses, and dialog interact with each character and the graph formed from the raised Jesus. After seeing some examples, the reader will soon see that some words are used for imagery, other words are used to make diagrams.

The early Christians deeply believed that Jesus had the power of exousia, meaning the power to make things happen by just saying or thinking words. The gematria masters mimicked this power when the gematria value of words said by Jesus or other characters connect to the raised Jesus (8880) or the Jesus graph. The words can converge in the form of an “X,” signifying the first initial of his title “Christ” (C), or in the form of a “cross,” signifying the object on which he was crucified.

gematria diagrams

The red X’s and crosses in the diagrams above illustrate eight of the most common ways that the gematria value of an important verse or the words spoken by someone can connect that character to the “raised” Jesus (8880) or the borders of his graph. The lengths of the red lines are easy to compute using the Pythagorean theorem no matter what size circle occupies the center of the graph. The hard part comes in composing the gematria value of the appropiate dialog to put in the mouths of the various characters so that the diagrams match the imagery of the verse.

The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Jesus Christ
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