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John testifies about himself

John 1:19-28

Verses: John 1:19-28

The Sacred Geometry Story

John the Baptist testified to the reader about Jesus Christ, the Law of Moses, Truth, Grace, and God the Father. He testified to the Priests and Levites sent by the Jews out of Jerusalem who were of the Pharisees. John denied he was the Christ, Elias, or the prophet Isaiah. Every word said to, from, or about John the Baptist produced 18 gematria diagrams in this pericope.

The Setting: Bethany beyond the Jordan.

Seven unique Characters: John the Baptist, Jews from Jerusalem, Pharisee Priests, Pharisee Levites, Elias, Isaiah the Prophet, Christ the Lord.

The Signs for objects and actions in the story: 7 characters, Bethany, the Wilderness, Jerusalem, a voice, sandals, the way.

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