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1:29 On the next day, he sees Jesus coming in front of him.
  And he says, ... Look! The Lamb of God!
  The One taking away the sin of the world.
1:30 This One is on behalf of whom I said, After me comes a man who before me has become,
because prior to me he was.
1:31 And I was not aware of him, ...
but that he might be made to appear to Israel, ...
through this, I came in water baptizing.
1:32 And John testified saying, ... that I have seen the Spirit descending, ...
  like a Dove out of Heaven, and it remained on him.
1:33 And I did not recognize him.
  But the One having sent me to baptize in water, ...
  that one said to me, Upon whoever you see the Spirit descending, and remaining upon him, ...
  this is the one baptizing in a Holy Spirit.
1:34 And I have seen, and I have testified, that "this one" is the Son of God.
  And John testified saying, ... that I have seen ...

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