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The 1st Sign Miracle
The Cana Wedding - Jesus Turns Water into Wine

The Cana Wedding

John 2:1-12

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The Sacred Geometry Story

The First Sign Miracle in John's gospel took place on the third day of a wedding banquet in Cana of Galilee. Jesus, his mother, and the disciples of Jesus were attending the wedding. Then there was a lack of wine. His mother told the wedding servants to do whatever Jesus said. Six stone water jars were there holding two or three measures that the Jews used for washing rituals. Jesus ordered the jars to be filled with water. Jesus then ordered the contents to brought to the master of the three couches who tasted it. The water had been made into wine. The master did not know from where the wine came but the servants did. The wedding master said you have kept the good wine till now. Jesus showed his glory by this miracle and his disciples believed in him. The water the Jews used for cleansing represented the Old Covenant. The water changed to good wine represented the New Covenant. Some key gematria words, plus the numbers 2, 3, 6, and some simple geometry showed how this miracle was performed.

The Setting: A wedding ceremony in the city of Cana in the Galilee

8 unique Characters: Jesus, the mother of Jesus, four brothers of Jesus, four disciples of Jesus, a bride and a groom, the wedding master, two wedding servants, a number of symbolic Jews.

The Signs for 18 unique Objects in the story: 8 characters, his hour, six stone waterjars, a measure, three couches, water, wine, dialog words, Cana, the Galilee.

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