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The 2nd Sign Miracle
Jesus Cures the Son of the Royal Official

Jesus Cures the Son of the Royal Official

John 4:46-54

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The Sacred Geometry Story

The Second Sign Miracle took place in Cana of the Galilee. The Royal Official of Capernaum heard about Jesus and the power he had to do miracles, like making water into wine. The official had faith in Jesus based on what he had heard. He believed. He didn't need to see it himself. The man traveled to Jesus and asked him to come down to Capernaum and cure his son who was dying. Jesus said "except you see signs and omens you don't believe." Then, "Go, your child lives." The man believed the word Jesus said. Going down to Capernaum his servants met him saying "your child lives." The official asked what time his child became better. They said, "the fever left him yesterday, at the seventh hour." The father knew that was the same hour Jesus said "your child lives." And he believed as did eveyone in his house.

This miracle was performed verse by verse, word by word, using simple geometry and the gematria signs and drawing instructions in each verse. Each verse is a geometry problem using the signs and characters below. When the imagery of the verse matches the diagram, that is the proof that each verse is true. Each clause or phrase in each verse has a diagram. You will see the miracle happen before your eyes. Each miracle is better than the one before it.

The Setting: Judea, Galilee, Cana, and Capernaum, and somewhere between the two cities.

5 Characters: Jesus, a Royal Official, his sick child in Capernaum, two servants.

The 17 Signs for Objects in the story: Cana, Capernaum, Judea, Galilee, 5 characters, water, wine, signs, omens, the word, the seventh hour, a fever, a household.

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