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The 3rd Sign Miracle
On the Sabbath, Jesus Cures a Man 38 Yrs Sick

weak 38 years

John 5:1-18

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The Sacred Geometry Story

The Third Sign Miracle happened soon after curing the Royal official's son when Jesus stepped up into Jerusalem to attend a feast of the Jews. According to Tradition, at random times an angel agitated the waters at the five portico swimming pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem by the Sheep-Gate. When that happened, the first one who entered the water was cured of the disease that held him. At the pool were ones being ill, blind, lame, and dried, waiting to be the first to enter the pool. But a certain cripple was there for 38 years with nobody to help him enter in time. Then Jesus came, saw him lying down, knowing how much time he was there, and said "Do you want to be well?" The cripple answered, "Lord, I don't have a man to put me in before another enters before me." Jesus said "rise, take your mat and walk around." And Jesus cured him on that day being a Sabbath. Verses 10 through 18 detail how the Temple Jews began to persecute Jesus for blasphemy and working on the Sabbath.

This miracle was set up by superimposing the five portico swimming pool of Bethesda over the Sheep Gate of Jerusalem. The gematria of the words show how to place the multitude of ill men in the five porticoes, have the angel agitate the water in the pool, show two ways how Jesus immediately knew a certain cripple was 38 years in his sickness, and how Jesus immediately made him healthy by saying five words to him.

The Setting: The city of Jerusalem at the Sheep Gate Pool and at the Temple.

The 7 unique Characters: Jesus, a weak man possessed by an unclean spirit for 38 years, ones being ill, blind, lame, dried; a crowd of Jews, an Angel of the Lord, temple authorities, God the Father.

The 15 Objects in the story: 7 characters, Bethesda, Jerusalem, a pool by the sheep gate, five porticos, 38 years, a mat, a Sabbath, the temple.

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