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weak 38 yrs

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05:01 After these things there was a feast of the Jews.
  And Jesus stepped up into Jerusalem.
05:02 Now there is in Jerusalem a pool by the Sheep Gate, ...
  The one in Hebrew called Bethesda, having five porticos.
05:03 In these were laying down a multitude of ones being ill, blind, lame, dried.
05:04 [ For an angel of the Lord used to come down into the pool, and the water was stirred up ...
  so the first one to get in, was healed of whatever disease afflicted him. ]
05:05 And there was a certain man there, thirty eight years having been in his weakness.
05:06 Jesus perceiving this man lying down, ...
  and already knowing how much time he has been like this, ...
  he says to him, ... Do you want to be well?
05:07 The weak one answered him, ... Lord, I do not have a man that when the water is agitated he may put me into the pool.
  But while I am coming, another goes down before me.
05:08 Jesus says to him, ... Rise, take your mat and walk around.
05:09 And immediately the man became healthly.
  And he took his mat and was walking around.
  And it was a Sabbath on that day!
05:10 Therefore the Jews were saying to the one having been healed, ... It is a Sabbath!
  And it is not lawful for you to carry your mat.
05:11 But the man answered them, ... The one who made me healthy, that one said to me, ...
  Take up your mat and walk around.
05:12 They asked him, ... Who is the man telling you, ...
  "take it up and walk around?"
05:13 But the one having been healed did not know who it is.
  For Jesus slipped out - there being a crowd in the place.
05:14 After these things, Jesus finds him in the temple and said to him ... Look, you have become healthy!
  Sin no more, so that nothing worse happens to you.
05:15 The man went away and reported to the Jews that Jesus is the one having made him healthy.
05:16 And because of this the Jews persecuted Jesus ...
  because he was doing these things on a Sabbath.
05:17 But Jesus answered them, ... My father is now working, ...
  and I am working (on a Sabbath).
05:18 Therefore because of this, the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him.
  Because not only was he breaking the Sabbath, ...
  but also he was saying his own Father is God, making himself equal to God.

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