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The Mystery of the 153 Fish

The Miraculous Catch of 153 Fish

John 21:1-14

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The Sacred Geometry Story

John's 21st chapter is an account of a resurrection appearance of Jesus in Galilee. A mysterious youth in Jesus' empty tomb prophesied that "Jesus would lead before you into the Galilee, just as he told you" (Mk 16:7). This story of the 153 Fish that occurred between seven disciples and the risen Jesus while they are in Galilee on the Sea of Tiberias fulfills that prophesy. The entire 21st chapter was meant to count as the third time Jesus revealed himself to his disciples. The first two times were in the locked room in Jerusalem as described in chapter 20. An incredible series of diagrams explains verse by verse why the number of Fish just happens to be "153." To the enlightened reader, Jesus (888) is revealed not once as the story implies but three times on the Sea of Tiberias through Sacred Geometry diagrams. The story occurs over three periods of time ... evening, night, and at the break of day. The story has three chapters that fit seamlessly together. All the characters appear in each chapter. In the first story the focus is on all seven disciples ... in the second on Simon Peter (aka Stone) ... in the third on the mysterious and un-named Beloved Disciple. Each story contains many "mysteries." Diagrams in each of the stories even reveals the name of the Beloved Disciple!

The Setting: The shore of the Sea and on the Sea of Tiberias of Galilee.

The Characters: Jesus, Simon Stone, Thomas Didymus, Nathaniel from Cana, the two brothers of Zebedee, and two mysterious unnamed disciples.

The 20 Signs for "things" mentioned in the story: the Sea of Tiberias, Jesus, the seven disciples, the little boat, the shore, the outer garment, 200 cubits, the charcoal fire, little fishes, great fish, the number 153, the land, bread, dead ones.

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