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John the Baptist Fulfills the Malachi Prophecy


Mark 1:1-8

According to the Old Testament, Elias the Prophet was raised "into heaven" in a "chariot of fire" (2 Kings 2:11). That made him the only prophet who never died. That also made him the only prophet who was "raised." This event supposedly happened about 850 years before the arrival of Jesus Christ. Later, in about 450 BC, the prophet Malachi prophesied that Elias would return to prepare the way for a risen Sun of Justice (Mal 3:20), meaning the Messiah, Jesus Christ. According to Malachi's prophecy, Elias had to come before the Messiah. If Elias didn't come first, anyone who claimed to be the Messiah was of course a false prophet. The first Christians were very aware about the prophecy because all any Jew had to ask was ... Where is Elias? Since Elias had not returned at the time the gospel of Mark was written, Mark had to invent him. He did this through the character of John the Baptist. Read The Malachi Prophecies

The Sacred Geometry Story

The Setting: The wilderness by the Jordan River in Judea.

10 Characters: Jesus Christ, God the Father, Isaiah, John the Baptist, 2 Judeans, 2 Jerusalemites, a locust, the Holy Spirit.

Objects mentioned in the story: 10 characters, a beginning, the way, the wilderness, paths, the good news (aka the gospel), the entire Judean region, the Jordan river, camel hairs, leather girdle, water, honey, a field, sandals, sins.

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