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Jesus Cures a Leper > Mark 1:40-45

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And comes before him, a-leper begging him, ...
  and knee falling, and saying to him that, ... "If you are willing, you are able to cleanse me."
And having-compassion, stretching-out the hand of-him he-touched (it).
  And he-says to-him, ... "I-am-willing, be-cleansed."
And 'immediately' went-away from him the leprosy, and he-was-clean.
And snorting-in-anger to-him, immediately out-he-cast him.
And he says to him, ... "See that you say nothing to no-one, ..."
  "but-rather underlead, show yourself to-the priest, ..."
  "and offer for the cleansing of-you what Moses commanded into a-testimony to-them."
The-one yet came-out began to-preach many-(things) and spread-thru 'the word', ...
  so-that no-longer he was-able openly into a-city to-enter, ...
  but outside upon wilderness places he-was, ...
  and before him they-came from-all-sides.

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