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Mk 3:13a ... And he is "stepping up" into the mountain ...

gematria value of the entire verse = 5,342 units

Mark 3:13a

The Greek text reads that Jesus "ascended into" (anabainei eis) the mountain. This is paraphrased in most bibles as "he went to" the mountain. By trial and error the mountain was found to be an equilateral triangle inscribed in the raised Jesus circle. Jesus was then drawn tangent to the inside of the mountain to satisfy the imagery of the verse. Amazingly, the gematria value of the verse (5,342) is equal to the length of the three red lines that put Jesus up into the mountain! The two red diagonals connect the top two corners of the graph to the middle of the sides of "the mountain" while the vertical red line puts him up into "the mountain" as high as he can go. A computerized drafting program drew Jesus (888) tangent to the inside of the mountain and calculated the length of the three red lines at 5,342.82 units (an accuracy of 99.98% to the gematria value of the verse)! Read the Greek Source Text.

Mk 3:13b ... and he is "calling before" him whom he "willed" ...

The word pros-kal-eh'-tai is a combination of the preposition pros (meaning near, next to, facing, or in front of) and the verb kal-eh'-tai (meaning he-called). The word as a whole seems to mean "to call someone to come near" ... but the verb kal-eh'-o also means "to call by name or to give a name." The word ow-tos, meaning "himself," seems to refer back to the verb "call" for either emphasis or redundancy. But what if the word "himself," hanging out there all by itself, refers to something else? The sentence seems intentionally unclear and ambiguous. The above diagram confirms that Jesus is calling out to himself - he is actually calling out to twelve copies of himself - and every single object is exactly tangent to each other!

One interpretation can be made that Jesus is summoning known and unknown disciples to himself, sorting through them, picking some, rejecting others, then calling his choices by whatever names he wants to give them. This interpretation may sound crazy at first but it is reinforced by subsequent verses when Jesus starts handing out some very strange nicknames. This alternate interpretation is a clue that Jesus and The Twelve are actually one through gematria.

Mk 3:13c ... and they went away towards him.

Mark 3:13c

In this diagram the two diagonals are equal in length to the vertical line. The twelve white circles (999 units each) represent the average gematria value of names of the twelve disciples. When drawn on the graph, the seven horizontal apostles are tangent to the raised Jesus 8880 circle while the ascending five disciples are coming towards Jesus but haven't quite reached him which satisfies the imagery of the verse. There is a small gap between Jesus and the Twelve.

What if Jesus and The Twelve are somehow one and the same thing? What if Jesus is not only summoning "The Twelve" but himself as well!! Amazingly, if Jesus suddenly "changes form" into a circle the same size as his disciples he would be exactly tangent to the inside of the mountain and to the twelve disciples below him! The Greek name for having this power is metamorphoses, the English term is transfiguration.

All the diagrams and commentary on this page do not appear in the book even though the math and geometry is correct. The diagrams that actually appear in the book are even more amazing!

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