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Mk 3:14
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Mk 3:14a ... And he made Twelve ... [whom he also named apostles] ...

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Verse 14a-15b is an inclusio bracketed by the Greek verb epoiesev which is the past tense of the verb "to make." It is mistranslated in many bibles as "appointed." The verse implies Jesus is "making-up" the apostles out of thin air which is exactly what he does with their nicknames in verses 16b through 18. The noun apostolos, meaning “apostle,” is formed from the preposition apo meaning "to separate from the place of origin" and the verb stello meaning "to set in order, or to arrange." The oldest documents of Mark lack this phase which is why it is enclosed in brackets. The questionable phrase was probably a very early gloss or margin note that was eventually inserted in all future gospels by scribes who copied the gospel by hand. It is a beautiful pun that was probably written by a scribe who may have been aware of the sacred geometry diagram that went with the verse. To see the diagram and the additional commentary for this verse ... Download the Book.

Mk 3:14b ... so that they might be with him ...

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This diagram and commentary are not available at this time.

Mk 3:14c ... and so that he might send them to proclaim ...

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Mark wrote in a way that requires the reader to figure things out for himself as the story unfolds. From the top of the Mountain, Jesus tells the Twelve "to-proclaim" but the verses that follow don’t say what it is that they are to proclaim. Later, when Jesus ascends into another Mountain and is "transfigured" (Mk 9:9-13) he tells the apostles that they should “tell everyone the things they have seen after the Son of Man has risen from the dead.” At this time, the Twelve don't know that their mission is to proclaim the “raised Jesus” (8880)!

Mk 3:15a ... and to have Authority to cast out the Demons.

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A demon is a synonymn for an unclean spirit. Hundreds of years ago someone decided this incomplete sentence should be a verse. Anyone can clearly see it belongs with verse 14. As the twelve proclaim the raised Jesus they have the power to just say the word and cast out the demons. This diagram and additional commentary are not available at this time.

Mk 3:15b ... And he made the Twelve.

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This diagram wraps up the inclusio. We see how Jesus made the twelve, how eleven are with him, and how one is "cast-out." Verses 16b-19 will also show there are eleven loyal apostles and one betrayer.

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