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Mk 3:16b-19
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Mk 3:16 ... And he layed on a Name to Simon ... Stone.

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The word or name Pétros (a masculine noun) always means a stone, such as a man may throw. Properly, a stone (pebble), such as a "small rock" found along a pathway, an isolated rock (HELPS Word-studies).

The diagrams for verses 3:16b-19 is another way to put Jesus up into a mountain and to show how he made the twelve. The diagram shows ... To see the diagram and the rest of the commentary for this verse ... download the book.

Mk 3:17a ... And James, the son of Zebedee ...

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In this diagram the names are again shown as ... xxx

Mk 3:17b ... and John, the brother of James ...

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In this diagram James and John are shown as ... xxx

Mk 3:17c ... and he layed on a Name to them, Boanerges, which is “Sons of Thunder.”

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The same Greek verb ep-ee-tith'-ay-mee (epitiqhmi) meaning "to to put or lay something upon someone or something" used on Simon is repeated with James and John. So you may ask yourself a question ... what do the names "Rock" and "Boanerges" have in common with each other? The answer is surprising! The gematria value of the words ... xxx .

Mk 3:18 ... And Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus, and Simon the Cananaean.

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These eight disciples are like extras in a play, none of them ever says a word of dialog. As the diagram shows, they are supporting characters whose sole purpose is to bring the total number of disciples up to twelve. This diagram shows the eleven loyal apostles. The names are again shown as ... xxx

Mk 3:19 ... And Judas Iscariot who also betrayed him.

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The diagrams for verses 14-16a showed one way to make the twelve apostles. The diagrams for verses 16b-19 show how it can be done another way and finish with the same diagram.

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