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White Limestone Synagogue at Capernaum

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3:20 And he-came into a-house, ...
  and came-together again the crowd, ...
  so-that not were-able they not-even bread to-eat.
3:21 And having-heard, the-ones beside him went-out to-take-hold of-him, ...
  for they-were-saying ... "that he-is-out-beside himself."
3:22 And the scribes, the-ones from Jerusalem coming-down, were-saying that, ... "Beelzebul He-has, ..."
  "and that in to-the ruler of-the demons, he-casts-out the demons."
3:23 And calling to-them in parables, he-spoke to-them, ...
  "How is-able Satan Satan to-cast-out?"
3:24 "And if a-Kingdom against itself is-divided, ..."
  "not is-able to-stand the Kingdom that."
3:25 "And if a-house against itself is-divided, ..."
  "not is-able the House that to-stand."
3:26 "And if the opponent stood-up against himself and was-parted, ..."
  "not is-able (it) to-stand, ..."
  "but an-end he-has."
3:27 "But not is-able no-one, having entered into the House of-the Strongman having-entered, ..."
  "the vessels of-him to-plunder, if not first, the strongman he-binds, ..."
  "and then the house of-him he-will-plunder."
3:28 "Amen I-say to-you, ..."
  "that all will-be-forgiven the Sons of-the Men, ..."
  "the sins and the blasphemies, what ever they-blaspheme."
3:29 "Who yet ever blasphemes into the Spirit the Holy, ..."
  "not does-have forgiveness into The Eternity, but guilty is of-an-eternal sin."
3:30 For they-were-saying, ... "He-has a-Spirit Unclean."

The Family Circle of Jesus

3:31 And comes the mother of-him, and the brothers of-him, ...
  and outside standing they-sent before him, calling him.
3:32 And were sitting around him a-crowd, and they-are-saying to-him, ...
  "Behold the mother of-you, and the brothers of-you, ..."
  "and the sisters of-you outside looking for-you"
3:33 And having-answered them he-says, ... "Who is the mother of-me and the brothers of-me?"
3:34 And looking-around-at the-ones around him in-a-circle sitting he-says, ...
  "Behold the mother of-me, ..."
  "and the brothers of-me."
3:35 "Who for ever does the will of-the God, this-one is brother of-me, and sister, and mother is."

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