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4:35 And he-says to-them, on that 'the day' evening had-become, ... "Let-us-go-over to the other-side"
4:36 And leaving the crowd, ...
  beside-they-take him, like he-was in the boat, ...
  And other little-boats were with him.
4:37 And there-came-about 'a-whirlwind' great of-wind, ...
  and the waves cast-on into the boat, so-that already was-being-filled the boat.
4:38 And he was in the stern upon the 'thing for the 'thing-for-the-head' down-sleeping.
  And they-wake him and say to-him, ...
  "Teacher, not does-it-matter to-you that we-are-perishing?"
4:39 And having-been-woken he-rebuked the wind and he-spoke to-the sea, ... "Be-still, be-silenced."
  And was-cut-away the wind.
  And there-was a-calm great.
4:40 And he-said to-them, ...
  "Why cowardly are-you?"
  "Not-yet have-you faith?"
4:41 And they-were-afraid, (having) a-fear great.
  And they-said to one-another, ... "Who then is this-one!, ..."
  "that even the wind and the sea obey him?"

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