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6:01 And he-came-out from-there and came into the Father-place of-him.
  And are-following to-him the disciples of-him.
6:02 And having-become a-Sabbath he-began to-teach in the synagogue.
  And many listening were-amazed saying, ... "From-where this-one these-things!" ...
  "and what (is)-the wisdom that has-been-given to-this-one, ..."
  "and the powers such-as through the hands of-him come-about?"
6:03 "Is not this-one the stone-cutter, the son of-the Mary"
  "and brother of-James and Joses and Judas and Simon, ...?"
  "and are not the sisters of-him here before us, ...?"
  and they-were-offended in to-him.
6:04 And was-saying to-them the Jesus that, ... "A-prophet is not dishonored, if not in the Father-place of-him, ..."
  "and in the relatives of-him, ..."
  "and in the house of-him"
6:05 And not was-he-able there to-do not-yet-one power, ...
  if not on-a-few sick-ones, ...
  laying-on the hands he-cured (them).
6:06 And he-was-amazed because-of the unbelief of-them.
  And he-led-around the villages in-a-circle teaching.

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