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Mk 6:30a ... And the Apostles gathered together to face Jesus ...

The Twelve gather to Jesus

The twelve apostles were sent out by Jesus "two by two" to preach, cure, and teach in Mk 6:7-13. The "two by two" pun may possibly be represented by the above diagram because the average gematria value of each apostle points to a circle with a diameter of 318 units. (this is not the book diagram)

Mk 6:30b ... and they reported to him everything that they did ...

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This and the following verses contain numerous puns that are really drawing instructions that tell how to draw "the twelve" on the graph. In Mk 6:7-13 the twelve were told that if they went in a house that did not listen to them they should leave and rebuke the occupants with a sign. They also cast out some demons, anointed people with oil, and healed many people.

Mk 6:30c ... and what they taught.

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In Mk 6:7-13 the twelve taught that people who rejected them should repent. This diagram is a copy of that one.

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