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Mk 6:31a ... And he says to them ... Come down privately by yourselves into a "wilderness place" ...

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In the first part of this verse Jesus is making a suggestion. The diagram shows the twelve descending in a "Place" ... which has the same area as the ... place where Jesus suggests they go.

Mk 6:31b ... and rest a little.

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The twelve are now hypothetically resting in the "wilderness" which may also signify a time in the distant future when the twelve are dead and buried.

Mk 6:31c ... For the ones coming and the ones going were many ...

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Before the twelve can depart, people start "coming" from the surrounding farms and villages who will later be taught by Jesus in verse 34. The "ones going" are the twelve disciples who will be "coming back" in the last part of the verse.

Mk 6:31d ... and they did not have an opportunity to "eat."

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The diagram shows a time in the near future when the twelve will have the opportunity to eat their ...

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