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Mk 6:34a ... And coming out ... he saw many "crowds" ...

the shepherd and his sheep

According to the context of the story Jesus now presumably comes-out of "the boat" and sees a great crowd ... but the Greek word ex-er'-khom-ahee could also be interpreted that Jesus "comes out" from privacy (being invisible) to suddenly appearing in the center of the crowd. The “crowd of many” has four classes of people ... men, women, boys, and girls. The total size of the crowd must be greater than the 5,000 men who are later revealed in verse 6:44. The above diagram is close ... but not the one that appears in the book. To see the real diagram download the book.

Mark 6:34b ... and his "bowels were moved" on them ...

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Most bibles translate the Greek phrase kai es-plagk-nis-thay ep autous as "and he-had-compassion on them." This paraphrase of the actual Greek text completely destroys the pun that enables the enlightened reader to construct the graph. The literal translation of es-plagk-nis-thay means "for one's bowels to be moved." This is a Greek colloquial expressions because the bowels - meaning the heart, stomach, intestines, lungs, esophagus, and throat - were considered the organs that were affected by deep emotions such as love and pity. The diagram shows how Jesus "moved his bowels."

Mark 6:34c ... because they were like "sheep" not having a "shepherd" ...

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The diagram shows how Jesus is like a shepherd and the crowd like "sheep."

Mark 6:34d ... and he began to "teach" them "many things."

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This gospel story is purposely vague about the "many things" Jesus will teach. The enlightened reader however knows that Jesus will be teaching a geometry lesson! The "sheep" in the Wilderness are taught that ..xx. circles are tangent to ...xx

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