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Mk 6:35a ... And now a "many hour" (late hour) was coming ...

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The word "pollas" (many) means that it is not now but it will be getting late. From the geometry lesson in the previous diagram one can reason that the time is now 1 PM, seven "hours" after daybreak. A later "hour" will soon be coming.

Mk 6:35b ... his disciples were approaching him saying ... The "place" is a "wilderness" ...

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This diagram shows how the "place" they are talking about is equal to the "wilderness." This is true because they both have the same ...

Mk 6:35c ... and now (it is) a "many hour" (late hour).

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The actual Greek words to this part of the verse are aday hoora polay which means "already an hour, many." This wording was so ambiguous that most bible scholars felt it was their duty to add words to the actual Greek text (based on the real life context of the story) in order to make the "meaning" of the text "more clear." They say something like "and already [it is] a very late hour." The twelve move to ... The time is now 3 PM, three hours before sunset. The dialog for this diagram can be seen as either the narrator or the disciples speaking.

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