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Mk 6:37a ... But having answered he said to them ... Give to them yourselves to eat!

Mark 6:37a The apostles are metaphorically eaten by the crowd

The literal Greek text of this verse is very strange because Jesus actually tells the Twelve to give themselves to the crowd to eat! Fundamentalist Christian Bible scholars have always come to the conclusion that the literal translation made no sense so instead they have Jesus say something like ... "Give them some food yourselves." The problem with this translation is that the implied word "food" does not appear in the Greek text. This is a perfect example of how fundamentalist scholars add key words to a verse based on the context of the story so their translation reflects what they think Mark meant instead of what he actually wrote.

When this story is viewed as a sacred geometry riddle instead of a report of a real life event, the strange wording makes perfect sense. The geometric meaning of the word "to eat" means to put one object inside of another, like when a circle is inscribed inside a square. Amazingly, the Twelve fit perfectly inside the squares representing the crowd and are metaphorically "eaten" just like the verse says.

Mk 6:37b ... And they say to him having departed ... May we buy Loaves for Two Hundred Denarii ... and give it to them to eat?

Mk 6:37b The mystery of the 200 denarii

The departure of the Twelve is the cue to change the scale of the graph from 8880 to 888 because the "loaves" and "fishes" are to be found inside Jesus (888). From verse 44 we know that the ones eating the loaves are 5,000 men. This information is the key to solving the riddle because a square with an area of exactly 5,000 square units is virtually tangent to three squares inscribed inside the living Jesus (888). By calculation, the length of the two red diagonals inside "the 5,000 men" is exactly 200 units which represents how much it costs (200 denarii) to feed them!

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