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The Transfiguration of Jesus

Mark 9:1-13

The story of the miraculous transfiguration of Jesus at the top of a mountain in the presence his three closest apostles with Israel's two most important prophets, Moses and Elijah, is the most important sacred geometry story in Mark's gospel. When Jesus went up the mountain he knew beforehand that betrayal, rejection, crucifixion, and his raising from the dead awaited him in Jerusalem. Jesus probably discussed his impending death and resurrection with Moses and Elias because all three names by gematria are linked to the Greek word for "life." As they come down from the mountain, Jesus speaks to his disciples and reveals the true identity of Elias and the method by which he will be "raised." This conversation is extremely important because Mark and Matthew's version of the story each reveal vital information in their ending discourse that is absolutely necessary to solve the sacred geometry riddle of the impending crucifixion, death, and "raising" of Jesus. An accurate word for word translation of the actual Greek text along with the gematria value of the key verses and phrases supply the drawing instructions and the "numbers" to constuct the sacred geometry diagrams that reveal the solution to this amazingly surreal mystery story.

The Sacred Geometry Story

The Setting: Somewhere in the north of Galilee at the mountain of transfiguration

Characters: Jesus, his twelve disciples, James, John, the Stone, Elias, Moses, a bleacher, Rabbi, Son of Man, nobody, scribes,

The Signs of objects mentioned in the story: Amen, death, Kingdom of God, power, a high mountain, garments, tents, zero

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