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The Transfiguration of Jesus

9:01 And he said to them, ... "Amen I say to you," ...
  "that there are some of the ones having stood here, ..."
  "who no not shall taste of death, ..."
  "until they see the Kingdom of God having come in power."
9:02 And after six days, ...
  Jesus took beside the Stone, and the James, and the John, ...
  and he carried them up into a high mountain, each privately alone.
  And he was transfigured before them.
9:03 And his garments became shining white exceedingly, ...
  such as a bleacher on the earth is not able to whiten them.
9:04 And Elias along with Moses appeared to them, ...
  and they were talking together with Jesus.
9:05 And having answered, the Stone says to Jesus, ...
  "Rabbi, it is ideal for us to be here!"
  "And let us make three tents, ..."
  "one for you, and one for Moses, and one for Elias."
9:06 For not he had known what he answered, for they were terrified.
9:07 And there came a cloud overshadowing them, ...
  and there came a voice out of the cloud, ... "This is my Son, the Beloved, hear him."
9:08 And suddenly, having looked around, they no longer saw anyone but Jesus alone with themselves.

Elias Comes First

9:09 And as they were stepping down out of the mountain, ...
  he gave orders to them that they should tell nobody what they saw, ...
  except when the 'Son of Man' from (the) dead should rise.
9:10 And they kept the word before them, ...
  seeking with themselves, ... "What is from out of the dead to rise?"
9:11 And they were questioning him saying, ...
  "Why say the scribes that, 'Elias must come first'"?
9:12 And he said to them, ... "Elias indeed having come first restores everything."
  "And how has it been written regarding the 'Son of Man', ..."
  "that he must suffer many things and be set at zero."
9:13 "But I say to you that indeed Elias has come, ..."
  "and they did to him what they wanted, ..."
  "just as it was written about him."

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