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09:14 And having come before the disciples they saw a large crowd around them, ...
  and scribes arguing together with them.
09:15 And immediately, all the crowd seeing him were out awed, ...
  and running up to, were saluting him.
09:16 And he asked them, ... "What are you discussing with them?"
09:17 And one out of the crowd answered him, ...
  "Teacher! I carry my son before you who has a non-talking Spirit."
09:18 And where ever it takes him down, breaks him, ...
  and he is frothing, and gnashing his teeth, ...
  and he is being dried and I told your disciples that they cast it out, ...
  and they are not that strong.
09:19 Yet having answered them he says, ... "Oh unbelieving generation! How long shall I be with you?"
"How long shall I put up with you?"
"Bring him before me!"
09:20 And they brought him before him.
And having seen him, the Spirit immediately convulsed him.
and falling on the earth, he rolled, frothing.
09:21 And he asked his father, ... "How much time is it since this happened to him?"
And yet he said, ... "From childhood."
09:22 "And often it also cast him into a fire, ..."
"and into waters so that it might destroy him."
"But if anything you are able, ..."
"help us to have compassion on us."
09:23 Then Jesus said to him, ... "If you are able, all things (are) possible to the one believing."
09:24 Immediately having cried out, the father of the child [with tears] was saying, ...
"I believe, help my unbelief."
09:25 And the Jesus having seen that a crowd is running on together, ordered on the Spirit the Unclean, saying to it, ...
"Un-talking and deaf spirit, I command you to come out of him and no longer come into him."
09:26 And having cried (out) and convulsed him a lot, it came out.
And he became as if dead, so that many to say he died.
09:27 Yet Jesus having held his hand raised him.
And he stood up.
09:28 And on his coming into a house, ...
  the disciples of him down privately were asking him, ...
"Why were we were not able to cast it out?"
09:29 And he said to them, ...
"This the breed by nothing is able to be cast out, ..."
"if not by prayer [and fasting.]"

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