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The Secret Gospel of Mark

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The secret gospel of Mark was discovered in 1958 by Professor Morton Smith of Columbia University when he was cataloguing old manuscripts at the ancient Greek Orthodox monastery of Mar Saba about twelve miles southeast of Jerusalem. One of the monks, probably around 1750, copied an ancient letter from Clement of Alexandria (200 AD) on two blank pages of a book dated 1646. Clement wrote extensively, but only four of his books have survived to present times and this is the only known copy of the many letters he must have written. Morton Smith photographed the letter and wrote two books and many papers about his findings. The contents of Clement’s letter are very controversial.

Clement’s letter was in response to a request by another church official called Theodorus, to explain how the infamous gnostic Christian sect called the Carpocratians surreptitiously obtained the Secret Gospel which the church of Alexandria was supposed to be safeguarding. The Carpocratians believed that reincarnated souls were doomed to migrate from body to body until they had experienced every type of life and sex act, only then could their souls stop transmigrating and ascend to heaven. They created their own gospel, now “lost” (destroyed), that was based on the Secret Gospel of Mark. According to Theodorus, the Carpocratian’s bible contained the words “naked man with naked man” which implied that Jesus transmitted secret knowledge during sexual initiation ceremonies with his apostles. Theodorus then wrote to Clement to ask him what the text of secret gospel actually said. In his book, “The Secret Gospel”, Morton Smith wrote the following translation of Clement’s reply to Theodorus:

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