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12:01 And he began to speak to them in parables.
  "A man planted a vineyard, and around it he put a stone dike."
  "And he under-dug a vat."
  "And he home-made a tower."
  "And he leased it out to land workers."
  "And he went away."
12:02 And he sent a slave to the land workers in the season,
  so that he might receive from the land workers the fruits of the vineyard.
12:03 And having seized him, they skinned (him), ...
  and they sent him away empty.
12:04 And again, he sent them another slave
  and that one they headed and insulted.
12:05 And he sent out another, and that one they killed.
  And many others, some indeed skinning, some and killing.
12:06 Then, still having his one beloved son, ...
  finally, he sent him before them, saying that they would respect my son.
12:07 "But those the land-workers said to themselves that, ... 'This one is the heir, come let's kill him,' ..."
  "and the inheritance will be ours!"
12:08 And having seized him, ...
  they killed him and cast him out of the vineyard.
12:09 What then will the Lord of the vineyard do?
  He shall come and destroy the land workers, ...
  and he will give the vineyard to others.
12:10 Have you not read this scripture?
  "A stone which the home-builders rejected, ...
  This one has come to be into a 'head of an angle."
12:11 "This came to be from the Lord, ...
  and it is amazing in our eyes."
12:12 And they were seeking to seize him.
  And they were afraid of the crowd, ...
  because they knew the parable he told was against them.
  And leaving him they went away.

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