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12:13 And they send some Pharisees and Herodians before him, ...
  so that they would snare him in a word.
12:14 And having come they say to him ... "Teacher! ..."
  "We know that truthful you are, ..."
  "and it is not a concern to you about anyone, ..."
  "because you do not look into a face of men, ..."
  "but rather on truth you teach the way of God."
  "Is it allowed to give a head-tax to Caesar or not?"
  "should we give or not should we give?"
12:15 He but having known the hypocrisy of them, ...
  he said to them, ... "Why are you testing me?"
  "Bring to me a denarius so that I may see it."
12:16 The yet they brought, ...
  and he says to them, ... "Of whom is the image and the inscription? ..."
  The yet they said to him, ... "Of Caesar!"
12:17 And the Jesus said to them, ... "The things of Caesar, give to Caesar."
  "And the things of God to the God."
  And they were amazed on him.

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