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13:03 And on his sitting into the Mount of Olives down against the temple, ...
  the Stone and James and John and Andrew were questioning him privately.
13:04 "Tell us when these (things) will be, ..."
  "and what (will be) "the sign" when all these (things) will be fulfilled?"
13:05 Then Jesus began to say to them, ... "See that nobody deceives you."
13:06 "Many will come upon my name saying, ... 'I am."
  "and they will deceive many."
13:07 "But when you hear battles, ..."
  "and reports of battles, ..."
  "do not be alarmed, it must happen, ..."
  "but it is not yet the end."
13:08 "For nation shall be raised upon nation, ..."
  "and kingdom upon kingdom, ..."
  "there shall be earthquakes according to places, ..."
  "there will be famines, ..."
  "these are a beginning of birth pangs."

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