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13:09 "But see yourselves, they will give you into councils, ..."
  "and you will be beaten in synagogues, ..."
  "and you shall be led, standing before governors and kings on account of me, into a testimony to them."
13:10 "And the good news must first be preached into all the nations."
13:11 "And when they lead you off, to give you up, ..."
  "don't worry beforehand what you should say, ..."
  "but what ever may be given to you in that hour say this, ..."
  "for you yourselves are not the ones speaking, ..."
  "but the Holy Spirit."
13:12 "And a brother will give a brother (beside him) into death, ..."
  "And a father (will give) a child, ..."
  "And children will rise up upon parents, ..."
  "and put them to death."
13:13 "And you will be hated by everyone through my name, ..."
  "yet the one remaining into an end, ..."
  "this one shall be saved."

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