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13:32 "But about the day or the hour that nobody has perceived, ..."
  "not yet the angels in heaven, ..."
  "not yet the son, if not the father."
  "if not the father."
13:33 "See! Be Awake! For you have not perceived when the time is!"
13:34 "Like a journey man leaving his house, ..."
  "and giving to his slaves the authority, ..."
  "to each his work, ..."
  "and to the door watcher, he commands him to be watching."
13:35 "Then watch!"
  "for you have not perceived when the Lord of the house is coming, ..."
  "either opse, ..."
  "or midnight, ..."
  "or of cockcrow, ..."
  "or proi."
13:36 "Coming suddenly, may he not find you down sleeping!"
13:37 "And which I say to you, I say to everyone, be watching."

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