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14:03 And of him being in Bethany, ...
  in the house of Simon the Leper, of him lying down.
  A woman came having an alabaster of ointment, ...
  Nard (which was) believed to be very costly.
  Crushing the alabaster, ...
  she poured it down on his head.
14:04 Now some were greatly displeased with themselves ...
  Why has the destruction of this ointment happened?
14:05 For this ointment was able to be sold for on up of 300 denarii, ...
  and given to the poor.
  And they snorted their displeasure to her.
14:06 But Jesus said, ... "Leave her! Why do you cause her work?"
  "She has worked an 'ideal work' in me."
14:07 "For always the poor you have with you, ..."
  "and when you wish you are able for them good to do."
  "me but not always will you have."
14:08 "What she had she did."
  "She prepared ahead of time to anoint my body into the burial."
14:09 "And 'amen' I say to you, ..."
  "where ever the good news is preached into the whole cosmos, ..."
  "what she did, ..."
  "will be spoken in memory of her."

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