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The Olive Garden at Gethsemane by Bartlett 1852

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14:32 And they come into a small enclosed field of which the name (is) Gethsemane.
  And he says to his disciples, ... "Sit down here while I pray."
14:33 And he takes the Stone and the James and the John with him.
  and he begins to be out-awed and heavy.
14:34 And he says to them, ...
  "Very sad is the Soul of me about Death, ..."
  "remain here and watch."
14:35 And coming forward a little, he fell on the earth, ...
  and he prayed, that if possible it is, might pass away from him the hour.
14:36 And he said, ... "Abba, the Father, all things are possible for you."
  "Take away the cup of this from me, ..."
  "but not what I will, but what you (will)."
14:37 And he comes and finds them sleeping, ...
  and he says to the Stone, ...
  "Simon, are you sleeping? Are you not strong (enough) one hour to stay awake?"
14:38 "Watch and pray that you do not come into a trial, ..."
  "Indeed, the Spirit (is) willing, but the flesh (is) weak."
14:39 And again having gone away he prayed, having said the same statement.
14:40 And coming again he found them down sleeping, for their eyes were burdened down.
  And they had not seen anything to answer him.
14:41 And he comes a third (time), ...
  And he says to them, ... "Sleep the remainder (time) and rest, ... "
  "(there is) enough (time), the hour has come."
  "Look, the Son of Man is given up into the hands of sinners!"
14:42 "Be roused, we may be leading! ..."
  "Look! The one giving me up has (come) near!"

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