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14:66 And being the Stone below in the courtyard, comes one of-the maids of-the chief-priest.
14:67 And having-seen the Stone warming-himself, having-looked at-him she-says, ...
  "Also you with the Nazarene were, the Jesus"
14:68 The (first time) yet he-denied (it) saying, ... "Neither I-know nor understand what ~ you are-saying."
  And out-he-went outside into the forecourt.
  And a rooster sounded.
14:69 And the maid having-seen him,
  began again to-say to-the-ones having-stood beside, ...
  that "This-one out-of them is!" ...
14:70 The (second time) yet again he-denied-(it).
  And after a little (while) the-ones having-stood-beside were-saying to-the Stone, ...
  "Truly, out of-them you-are!"
  "Indeed for a Galilean you-are!"
14:71 Yet he began to curse and swear, (saying) that, ...
  "Not do-I-know the man, this-one of-whom you-speak."
14:72 And immediately out, ...
  a-second-time a rooster sounded.
  And the Stone remembered the word as the Jesus said to him that, ...
  "Before a rooster crows twice, you will deny me thrice."
  And casting on he wept.

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