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The Trial of Jesus before Pilate


Mark 15:1-15

The Sacred Geometry Story

This parable has 15 verses, 36 phrases, 198 words, and 25 sacred geometry diagrams. After Jesus was arrested and tried in chapter 14, verse 1 of chapter 15 says the temple authorities held a counsil with the whole Sanhedrin of 71 members. This was probably a euphemism for rendering a guilty verdict. Jesus who was bound and standing was then handed over to Pilate to be questioned further and sentenced. At his interogation Pilate addressed Jesus as "King of the Jews." Jesus then appears in the diagram inside a Star of David to prove he is indeed "King of the Jews." The chief priests accused Jesus of many things but Jesus remained silent offering no denials or defence. In verse 7, Pilate then brought out Barabbas bound before a standing crowd "who in the standing had done murder." The diagrams for this verse show the name Barabbas in Hebrew means "Son of the Father" which is a play on words that implies Jesus is the "Son of God the Father!" The diagram then shows that the bound Jesus who was also standing before Pilate also comitted murder on himself by keeping silent to the many things the chief priests accused him of doing. Pilate then offered to release Jesus or Barabbas to the crowd. The chief priests convinced the crowd to release Barabbas to them. Pilate then asked the crowd what he should do with Jesus and they responded "Crucify Him!" The diagrams show Barabbas joining the crowd and two Roman soldiers taking Jesus away to be scourged to prepare him for crucifixion. Every one of the 198 Greek words in this gospel text helped to create the diagrams that made this story 100% true.

The Settings: The Council Chamber of the Sanhedrin, the Court House of Pontius Pilate.

The Characters: Jesus; the chief priests, the scribes, the elders; the whole Sanhedrin, Pilate, Barabbas, a crowd of Jews, two Roman soldiers.

Signs for the "many things" mentioned in this parable: The standard background settings, plus all the characters coming and going in each scene, a scourge, and a cross.

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