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15:01 And immediately early morning having prepared a council, ...
  the chief priests with the elders and scribes, ...
  and the whole Sanhedrin, ...
  having bound the Jesus they led away and handed over to Pilate.
15:02 And Pilate asked him ... "Are you the King of the Jews?"
  But having judged him, he says, ... "You say."
15:03 And the chief priests were accusing him of many things.
15:04 But Pilate again asked him, saying ... "Do you not answer anything?"
  "Behold how many things they accuse you of!"
15:05 But Jesus no longer answered anything so that Pilate marvelled.
15:06 Then at (the) festival he released to them one bound-one to whom they requested.
15:07 And there was one called Barabbas with the standers having been bound, ...
  who in the standing had done murder.
15:08 And stepping up, the crowd began to beg (him to do) just as he used to do for them.
15:09 But Pilate answered them saying ... "Are you willing that I release to you the King of the Jews?"
15:10 For he knew that through envy, ...
  the chief priests had handed (Jesus) over 'to him' (Pilate).
15:11 But the chief priests quaked-up the crowd ...
  that rather he should release Barabbas to them.
15:12 But Pilate again having answered said to them, ... "What then do you wish I should do with whom you call the King of the Jews."
15:13 The ones yet again cried out, ... "Crucify him!"
15:14 But the Pilate said to them, ... "For what has he done evil?"
  the ones yet more roundly cried out, ... "Crucify him!"
15:15 Yet the Pilate, willing enough to the crowd to do, released Barabbas to them, ...
  and handed over the Jesus having scourged in order to be crucified.

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