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Thomas 1a ... And he said ... Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings ...


This verse establishes the Gospel of Thomas as a Gnostic Mystery Religion text. It says to the gnostic initiate that if he can discover the secret knowledge hidden in the verses of this book he will not taste death, meaning his soul will taste life, the everlasting life with Jesus in heaven.

This verse is similar to the mystery religion saying Jesus gave to his twelve disciples in the Parable of the Sower ... You have been given the mystery of the Kingdom of God ... but to those, the ones outside, everything occurs in parables. In order that seeing, they may see and not perceive ... and hearing, may not understand lest they should turn about and it be forgiven to them. Don't you understand this parable? Then how will you come to know all the parables?

Thomas 1b ... will not taste death.


The above diagram shows the solution to this riddle relies on the knowledge of Christian gematria. If one knows the signs of the Raised Jesus (8880) that were used to interpret the four canonical gospels that came before, you will discover "eternal life" and never "taste death." The interpretation of the secret sayings of the living Jesus (888) was all about seeing the signs. Seeing is believing!

The source text of many of the following sayings came directly from the four gospels. Their "interpretation" comes directly from the gematria based "Glossary of Signs."

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